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mad swirl open mic. 1st wednesdays. absinthe lounge. dallas. texas
Harry McNabb : 03.04.15

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we got lots'o'mad poetry!
Our swirlingly mad poetry forum features the latest poems from some of the most maddest mad poets swirlin' 'round this big, blue, beat-utiful marble of ours. We are currently featuring... Arif Ahmad, Peggy Flora, Harley White, Donal Mahoney, Steven Minchin, Mahabba Alhaushabi & Sheikha A.

mad swirlin' up the open mic
Join Mad Swirl the 1st Wednesday of March (aka 03.04.15), at 8:00 sharp, when we will swirl it up madly once again. This month we will feature Harry McNabb! And stick around to get yourself one of the spots on our list... first come, first on the list. Which means... get there early! click here fo' mo' info'!

need a read?
Check out the latest addition to our short stories library, "Fat Andy" by Mike Fiorito. Here's a taste to whet your whistle... "That could have been me getting nearly killed that day as I sat on the schoolyard steps getting high with Ferrone. But it wasn't my turn, yet. / Only a few weeks earlier I had bought a ten dollar bag of weed on credit from Fat Andy. Fat Andy was a new dealer in Astoria Park. Being a little taller than I was, he had a tiny bald head that sat on his pear shaped body like it didn’t belong there. Despite his menacing look, he smiled a lot. Andy was about twenty, maybe five years older than me. / That day Ferrone bought a bag of weed. / “What about you?” asked Andy. / Shoving my hand in my pockets I said, “I ain’t got no money.” / Andy looked at me and said, "I'll give you a bag, but you gotta pay me when you have it." I shook my head agreeing and took the weed."... Get the rest of your read on here.

mad mic memories...
Mad Swirl was the place to be in this poetic community this past 1st Wednesday! Huge thanks to all who came to swirl-a-brate and for the mad memories. See who was who here.

new madness in the gallery!
Our newest featured artist, William Zuback, brings us works of seemingly magic with his black and white photography that is really anything but black and white. With beautiful contrasts of light and dark, nudity, tattoos, and an unshakable, undeniable sort of fairytale vibe, William’s work provokes an undying childlike curiosity - ironically with photographs that are really anything but child’s play. The subject’s of these images seem to be revealing a part of themselves to us - vulnerable, yet at the same time guarded, mysterious, straight-faced. There’s a lot to say for these photographs, and they’ve got a lot to tell you, too. You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Zuback Zone!

mad go-fund-me money-raisin'
This year, the Mad Swirl staff got together to list some projects we want to do to extend the Mad radius of the Swirl. We feel its current pulling and compelling us to do more. Here are just a few of the projects we’d like to accomplish. click here to see what we're planning on swirliing up and to help our mad, mad, mad causes!

mad swirlin' reviews
Who wants our opinion? Well, whether you like it or not, we're gonna give it to you! MH Clay gives you his poetic editorial 2-cents on Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal's "Songs for Oblivion". Get the full scoop right here!

mad swirl blog
What? Mad Swirl has a blog? Yep, we've zoomed into the 21st century kicking and screaming. Check us out on blog spot right here.

mad swirl 6: the blue note issue
28 full-color pages & 23 audio tracks of swirling madness that captures the most maddest of the mad ones & the insanity that is the dallas poetry & music scene! for $5 you can be one of the first to get your hands on this limited edition, numbered copy of Mad Swirl! click here for the details.
and lest we forget the past, take a look at the back issues of Mad Swirl I - V

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