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“Eloquence is a painting of the thoughts.”
Blaise Pascal

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Betting On Blue

The feeling, not
the color, creeping into my eyes
as they watch a phone that doesn’t
ring. Your wheel is running,
but I have no marble left to
drop. Time
slows. Distance
ticks off
in my head, leaves
me spinning. Knowing we
will land on double
zero, the shape of repeated

- A.J. Huffman

(2 poems added 07.23.14)

editor's note: Our roulette revolution, a gamble every time. We revolt against loneliness, bet on love; mostly the house wins. (Another good one from A.J. on her page - check it out.) - mh

you don't need gloves, i know which hands are yours

remember when the altitude spoke for us ...
sitting in a park, the trees drugged us with the quiet
you put your hand on my knee and told me
you would let me down–
it was the first time you looked me in the eye
without smiling, the first time you felt your initials
scarred into my bones
you didn't even know–

your thumb was nervous there ...
skimming the dent where i became a child again
and i didn't know what to say to you
because my words had not yet graduated
like yours; they were still in a sandbox,
digging for something that glistened–

i told you i didn't feel like swimming,
escaping the subject at hand, your hand
still on my knee cap, not sure what to do next ...
it was a fantastic grip, one i would write about later
while listening to thunder
through my bedroom window, calling off any
sadness that thinks it belongs in my room.

you said it was not a good day to get wet
and moved your fingers to the grass
where a dandelion stared at us both, cheering
us on with its stretched spine and billowy face
–you snapped it from the root and placed it
in my lap

i could hear laughter by the swing set
so i got up, the weed already decaying
as it hit the ground– i raced to that sound of
privilege filling the air, remembering
a tickled tummy with every upward soar
the motion sickness of falling back, eyes closed
hours of being able to breathe

you asked if you could push me–
i said you'd done enough,
then bravely kissed your cheek.
a storm was leaning against the hills,
already packed
waiting for take-off.

- Mandolyn

(1 poem added 07.22.14)

editor's note: Staying dry, her toes to the sky, promise to let down, offer to push high; playground love. (We welcome Mandolyn to our crazy confab of Contributing Poets with this poem. Read more of her madness on her page.) - mh

Young Love

Blossoming from a minute spark,
It dances with passion—
Igniting a host of naked flames
That surround untouched bodies
And unexplored emotions,
Waiting to start the Catherine Wheel
That's masquerading as a beating heart.

Explosions of deep, new-born connections
And overbearing crescendos,
All maintained in a catastrophic reality
Balanced with a serendipitous mirage
Made real with every moment,
Every second and every memory that's born,
Defining two people as a hopeful truth.

- Christopher P. P. White

(added 07.21.14)

editor's note: Fun with fireworks, all sparkle and flash; treat the burns after... - mh


There’s this girl I know, a complete lush by all accounts
She thinks poems should rhyme but I got no truck with those old ideas
She loves the way my old poems sound in her head; garnering negative
reactions from audiences
Wherever they were read; a night at an organic gastro-pub renders
people speechless over their locally sourced vegetables
Then there was the time we got so drunk I couldn’t actually read to a
crowd of blue-rinsed Daily Mail readers
On one of those first shows, when the nerves took hold, I have vague
recollections of falling off-stage

She will say she’s broke until I see her in town; quaffing absinthe no
less and with absolutely no shame
Occasionally I will send her a text to see about a drink and no matter
what it so often seems this way
I’ll end up buying, being pleased to get out, and she’ll promise that
next time it’ll be her turn
Until next time which is so, so long when it happens all over again
We’ll arrange to meet and I’ll end up buying and before we leave
she’ll suggest some point later that week
Only to then ignore my texts and leave me hanging again; and then when
we do she’ll ask why we don’t do this as much!?

- Bradford Middleton

(1 poem added 07.20.14)

editor's note: A stand-up poet falls for a fickle femme groupie; trying for free verse while she wants rhyme. - mh

ZEN – each day the hour

Each is the whole
As we touch a wave the sea
The atom’s heart the cosmos soul
To see beyond the trees
Where you were there before
A window staring in on us
A brilliant light each suicide
Which is a precious gift
Condemns a world already dead
A darkness born inside its head
A deep blue sea that sets you free
Truth that has been forged from Time
Each star its own unique black hole
Beyond each leaf that is the tree

- Derrick Gaskin

(1 poem added 07.19.14)

editor's note: Constant contemplation; peace to find in this life we live on our way towards death. - mh

Bed of Roses

Life is not a bed of roses.
But who would even want that?
I thank the lord
that life is not a bed of thorns
or a bed of nails,
or a bed pan.

Im really rather happy
that life is not anything bed.

A bed of roses really seems
more like a thing for the dead.

- Alex L. Swartzentruber

(1 poem added 07.18.14)

editor's note: Name perfection without pain. A thorny subject... - mh

A Fistful of Nothing

my nine year old
socked another boy
in the nose and
made it bleed,
they weren't fighting,
he was just playing
too rough,
lacked the impulse control
I talked to him about
keeping his hands to himself,
"don't make a fist,"
I told him
and i thought about
how ridiculous
that request was,
how we come out of
the womb with fists
gloves at the ready,
or heavyweight,
it doesn't really
we are ready
to go the distance
looking for our corner man
we have fistfuls
of nothing

- Melanie Browne

(1 poem added 07.17.14)

editor's note: We fight from bell to bell and never want to hear the man say, "TEN!" - mh

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